The Lazy Dead and the Spring

Scarlet is dead and the spring tournament is upon us. That and some major news concerning the rune/sigil changes as well as the new traitsystem and five new traits per class. Since my last GW2 post was at the time Lions Arch was burnt to the ground, I had a lot of time now to think about the events and the people playing them. Just to make sure I´ll warn you ahead. Some of you pve guys might not like what I have to say. Please do note that while writing, I am generalizing things and that of course there are incredibly good pve players out there as well. During the Legendary Watchwork Knight events though, at least on my server, one can´t exactly say they´ve earned them a lot of glory. All in all we have some really exciting times ahead of us and to be honest I´d rather want the new traits now than only on April 15th.

Let´s start with talking about Scarlet’s demise.

Last Man Standing

That’s what I felt like a lot of times during the Watchwork Knights battles. The knight jumps and at least 3/4 out of the people fighting – pulled in. 2 minutes later, the knight jumps an 3/4 pulled in again. And so on and so forth, every single time. ¨ Come on guys, there is a dodge button in this game.¨, I started thinking. I mean yes, I got pulled in sometimes too but around 95% of the time I just dodged it without any problems at all. Don´t get me wrong, I wouldn´t consider myself a really good player but when I read discussions where pve guys state how much superior their skills, compared to pvp players, are I start wondering. Why is it that some many of this so called superior players drop dead during the first few attacks of a, once you get the hang of it, rather simple boss fight? And as if them dying wasn´t enough, a lot of them didn´t even feel the need to waypoint and run to event again. I can´t describe how sick of it I was by the end of that update. No one has the time to fully revive those fools and no one should waste his/her time doing so either. First not dodging, then dying and after that even too lazy to click the waypoint and at least try to be of some use. No, I, the superior player, does not need to do so. Let´s just be a little more useless than I already was from the very beginning. Can you guys image how angry one, as a wvw or pvp player, can get when you read things like: ¨lol I can do Lupicus so any pvp player won´t stand a chance against me since Lupi has so much more health and does so much more dmg¨, and then see this rather pathetic display of skill over and over again? Since it wasn´t only once that I read arguments like that, let me just ask you brave npc slayers a question or two. Will any pvp player let you push him in a corner and watch while you stack on him and dps the sh*t out of him? Will a pvp player just tick conditions on him till they kill him off and never dodge at all? Does any npc in this game have a brain? No? See and thats why you die while a friend of mine did this with a lvl 30 char and survived without any problems. Tell me more about about how you should only bring an 80 and at least fully exotic and beserker stats to events like this. The thing is , since he was dealing dmg over the whole duration of the event instead of just two minutes or so he probably contributed more to the fight than those slackers did. Lastly I´d like to state again that I am just generalizing things and as I said there are tons of great pve players. They shouldn´t feel offended anyway since the addressees of my text are obviously not them.

It´s spring again

Yay! Nice weather, the birds start singing their songs again, flowers start growing and we are off to butcher some enemy invaders. Life can be so easy at times right? It´s just five more days till the spring tournament starts and there never was a better time to play wvw for me than now. Last time, I told you guys about Lion. Well I am still with them and we are finally getting in shape again and started sharpening our claws for the battles to come. The only thing we were worried about was the blobbing and the skill lag that always accompanies it. It’s no fun to watch flip-book and pray that your skills will cast at the moment you want them to. That´s not what wvw should be like. If I wanted a game of luck I could always hit a casino instead. Hundreds of players running around spamming the 1 key and hope that their group is bigger than the others is not what pulled me into wvw back then (talking like an old man here, I know). After some internal discussions, Lion came to the conclusion that would rather play this tournament in bronze league, than playing like this. So we packed our things and moved to Blacktide, a server with very high population but rock bottom in terms of wvw ranking. Let´s see what we can do there. At this point I have to tell you that I am rather proud of us. The day we arrived, the points where 200k to 100k to 88k with us being last. Two days later we were second with 150k to 115k of the ones that were now last. There still is a lot of room for improvement though and I hope we can make the best out of and have a lot of fun. You remember right guys? Fun, the thing that once did matter before blobbing was a thing and commanding was a full time job for some players. Also, the rewards look pretty nice this time. Did I get this wrong or will the weapons for 300 tickets be of ascended quality? If so, this sure is a slap in the face for all of you who used hundreds of g to craft ascended weapons. Sucks to be you guys, sorry.

One last thing I wanted to tell you about was a really cool wvw moment we head last week during one of our organized raids. A few seconds after we took Stonemist Castle, there was already a huge Group of Wideside Ridge players on our outer walls. Geez, Mesmers and their portals. So we, polite as we are, decided to go and give them a proper greeting. I have to say that this was one of the first times I played ele in wvw and during this engagement I got downed not only once. Even though, I got up every time just a second or so later and overall did a good job I guess. That being said, we wiped them. Took some time, we ran through them more than once but in the end we did it without to many losses on our side while literally all of the outer wall i could see was read names lying on the floor. Only then I realized how many they actually were. This on its own was already rather cool but the best thing was yet to come. A few moments later, this particular zerg was at our walls again, just that this time they were not attacking. They lined up and bowed before us. Wow. I always do this when I fight a really good player and, to some stroke of luck or so, win but I´ve never seen a whole zerg do that. If you are a WSR player and where there on that evening, I salute you. If that is what the tournament is going to be like, it was more than worth it to transfer to Blacktide and start of in bronze again.


What about you guys? Have you had any moments like that too? Share ´em with us in the comments? What about my rage concerning those special kinds of pve players? Agree? Hating me now? Whatever your thoughts are just write a comment and we can discuss all you want. Have fun playing and we´ll see us on the battlefield.


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