Helping Lions Arch whilst taking a beating

It’s been a week now since the Zephyrite Sanctum and the Crown Pavilion returned. We’ve all head some time to play the content and more or less enjoy being able to go back to two of the most liked updates from past living world. Obviously it is not 100% the same it was last year but over all its still pretty much the same. The most exiting about this is probably the chance to get skins from previous updates people eventually missed.


Also, as you might have noticed, Lions Arch is back in action. The city is not fully restored but all of its major functions have returned. So all of the traders, token vendors, crafting stations, city portals and the like have returned. Luckily Arenanet took its time to actually think about the issues the previous LA had and tried to fix them. Now, instead of just having 90% of the people standing around at mystic plaza while the rest of the town was empty, everything is more split up. It actually makes sense now to hang around at other parts. Even the crafting stations are split up to three different locations. The crafting stations!! Finally there is a black lion trading merchant right next to all of them. This was something that was really annoying me in the past and I dare say I wasn´t alone. Every time you ran out of materials or miscalculated you could run all the way back to the trading post, fetch your stuff and head back to the station. Not a problem if that happens once or twice but when you´ve played since launch things like that really do get on your nerves.

At this point one might ask why LA is even back in the first place.
This is explained by the return of the Zephyrites and Queen Jenna being kind. Both of them offer to help. The Zephyrites promise that part of their profit they make during their stay here will be donated to rebuild LA. The Queen had the idea to re-open the Crown Pavilion to also make money which is to donated to the city state. Why both of them even bother to help? I don´t have the slightest idea. The Zephyrites could just take business to any other major city and in fact it has not been long since Kryta went to war against Lions Arch. Reason being that they were part of Kryta and the krytan king kind of disliked the idea of losing more territory than humanity already had to begin with. That and that his former capital was now home to pirates.


So how was my experience of all of this. At first I was rather disappointed. I was hoping that just like last year people could farm like mad and the prices of T6 materials would drop. Traders will hate me for sure upon reading this but hey! I wanted to finish my legendary without having to grind through the same dungeons over and over and over again for some 10-15g a day. I just do not have the patience to do something like that for more than one week. Well that didn´t happen. At least I had the chance to to Queen´s Gauntlet since I´ve mostly ignored that last year. This time around there is a fancy title ( ¨ The Blazing Light¨ ) and a mini of Liadri, the last Boss, to get. The mini I believe you already could get last year, about the title I honestly can´t remember anymore.

So when I ignored this content last year, why did I bother this time? There were two reasons to that. The first one was the hipster in me shouting: “Get the title!! There won´t be alot of guys having the title.”. Sure, probably hundreds or even thousands of players have beaten here but compared to three million players that is only a few and let´s be honest: we all have this little hipster in us from time to time. Second I wanted the challenge and see if I could do it.


Overall it was rather easy getting to Liadri. I rolled my Engineer with a grenadier build and basically waltzed through the bosses. Only one win left for the title. One can already smell it at this point. Not. This little devil more or less beat the crap out of me without even breaking a sweat dozens of times. I couldn´t believe it. To make matters worse I had also switched my key bindings to avoid ( shame on me ) skill clicking in the future. Yeah right. Liadri as she is is not hard enough so let´s get a handicap. Whoever thinks of the gambits as handicap I suggest you switch them too. Just for the fun of it. After 60 tries, I can already hear you laughing at me, I was about to go mad. Am I really that bad? To test that out I switched to my warrior. Guess what, a few tries and I had her. Really now? That´s it? Should´ve done it with war to begin with. This, by the way, is a perfect example for those warriors out there who complained on the forums that the war was nerfed way to hard with the healing signet nerf. Just for you guys to compare. By the time I was waiting for the Vision of Mortality to reach me for the second Orb my engineer was at least down to 50-80% health. The warrior with the “nerfed” healing signet was at ca. 98% more or less. To go even further my warrior was wearing berserker armor while my engi had knight stats. So even while having toughness as major stat the engi took way more damage. So much for that.
In case you don´t know what Vision of Mortality or the Orb is all about there you go: a quick guide and video showing the fight made by Dulfy.

Anyway, I beat her and have my title and that´s all that matters for me now. The only thing left for me now is to get the phoenix shield skin before it costs 5 claim tickets instead of 1. Key farming it is!!


That´s about all I have to say for now. What are your thoughts on the patch? Did some of you fight her too and if so how was it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments if you want. Enjoy your gaming and till next time.


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