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Not Real

This one is rather short but it just about sums up my thoughts on the topic.

Some time ago, a friend of mine and I were talking about video games in general. Her point was, that she just couldn’t understand how her boyfriend can go on talking about games all day long.
Not that she was against gaming. In fact, she herself loves to play Dead Island for example. As we kept talking she argued that whatever you think you achieved is not real in the first place and therefore a waste of time. I have to admit that one sentence from her made me think a bit. If I am honest to myself, I have spent way too much time, way too often in front of my screen. Time that could’ve been used to draw a bit more, have fun with my friends or just get some fresh air. Luckily I am a bit smarter nowadays and spend a lot less time gaming than I used to but those are hours I won’t be getting back anymore. Was that really worth it? Especially, when you think about MMOs like Guild Wars 2. When some day in the future all lights go out and they shut down the servers, all those hours will really be gone. All the things I “achieved” till now, gone, just like that. Continue reading


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