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On starting over

So as I mentioned the last time, I was able to find myself a new place to be. We cleared the first raid wing Spirit Vale, earned us the “The Eternal” title and I am very happy to have found them. Telling the story this way, though befitting of a “tl;dr” is a bit boring. A detailed account of how I ended up there, for those interested, is about to follow. Continue reading


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About too much drama, life and gaming

2015 has most likely been the roughest year in my life and trialled me more than anything before. What exactly has this to do with gaming? It does more than I would like to admit actually but we’ll get there. Guess it started off in late 2014 when I was part of a guiled called Guardians of the Exile. The guild was led by a lady called Iz and was overall a really nice place to stay thanks to her work. We had pvp nights, hide and seek events and even some ~ 20 people showing up for guild missions on average. It was in that guild that I met her.. Continue reading

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