On starting over

So as I mentioned the last time, I was able to find myself a new place to be. We cleared the first raid wing Spirit Vale, earned us the “The Eternal” title and I am very happy to have found them. Telling the story this way, though befitting of a “tl;dr” is a bit boring. A detailed account of how I ended up there, for those interested, is about to follow.


To someone that read my last post I suppose the first question may be: “Why was he in need of a new guild in the first place?”. Good question. In a way it does make sense to start with my previous guild Guardians of the Exile; which was a nice place to be in. However, the guild eventually ended up dying off due to our leader changing and this change was not exactly for the better. In the last moments of GotE I decided to pick some of my friends from there and start my own guild. It seemed like the easiest way to keep playing together like we used to.

Looking back at it, the way I went at building and leading a community was rather naive. Little did I know just how much work and effort it involved and how easy it is to fall into a pace where one is working for his guild in order to maintain it rather than playing and enjoying your valuable free time. My former leader Iz and my current one, Lakvar, will surely nod in agreement to this. I could write a whole story about mentioned topic, the stress and how to maybe find a balance and be successful when attempting to kick off your own guild and growing a healthy environment people enjoy being part of.  For reasons of length though, I will write about it in detail another time. The important part for today’s story is that I failed miserably with my own guild and after 1 year I was burned out and had neither will nor strength to keep going.

So there I was; again without a guild. For a moment I actually truly enjoyed it as a huge weight and inner pressure I had felt for a long time was gone with my decision to disband the guild.

Enter the introduction of raid content (truth be told raids had been in game for a while already but for the sake of coherence..).  I was very enthusiastic about raids until I hit a wall with it that was pug-ing and bad luck with groups overall. Not having a fixed group for this type of content certainly makes it harder and as time progressed it didn’t exactly get easier to find pugs via the lfg tool. After a while I was able to get myself added to the friend list of a German raiding group but the overall experience was not very satisfying either as I was just being used as stand in raider to get their less talented members some training too which is a very frustrating ordeal when you want to raid on a regular basis with any kind of progress involved.

After some particularly bad days with those guys I decided to go and search for a new guild that suits my needs more. Now I don’t know how many here actually know about it but I supposed everyone that visits the GW2 reddit regularly has at least heard mention of r/guildrecruit. If you are ever in need of a new group to play with, searching for a guild or anything the likes, this is a very good place to start looking. Personally I prefer this over trying my luck with random map chat recruitments dedicated to lure in the masses. A mass guild surely has benefits of its own but a small, personal guild where members can actually be friends and get to know each other is more to my liking. The result of my search goes by the name of Boneblack Brigade; a small but very nice guild that had specifically opened recruiting again to fill up their ranks with raids in mind. When I joined, the guild was not yet at a level to clear the raid. They made a friendly impression on me though and seemed to have the will to practise which was more important to me. Until we got our first full raid clear it took quite some weeks of dedication and patience. I openly admit that I was lacking the later during some of our practise runs which I am not exactly proud of but it has several reasons. As I partly wrote last time, my previous year had not exactly been a happy one and I, sitting here and writing this text right now, still am in the process of regaining whatever patience I previously used to have. Another reason have been several horrible runs which were a good deal a certain ex-member’s fault that not just failed at basic mechanics but also kept acting like he knew it all better. Combine such runs with the fact that I am one of the few members able to run almost every class effectively in raid encounters this added up quite some pressure. Lastly, some members simply lacked the practise/skill for the raid encounters which they had yet to acquire. Especially for the last case it was my own personal shortcoming to be as impatient as I was. They are my guild members and I can’t expect anyone to dedicate the same time into a game as I did. Truth be told I honestly think we only have one member in the guild who is better than me when it comes to pve. That is not to say the rest of our players are all worse than me, no. We have quite some members that I estimate to be at around the same level of practise/skill as me and for myself there surely is quite some room to improve too.

In the end it all worked out and our last reset raids on Monday where fast and successful clears with both the Vale Guardian and Gorseval down in the first attempt and smoothly so. The next challenge will be Slothasour in the freshly released wing of the raid: Salvation Pass. At the moment we are still struggling with said sloth, have long discussions about tactics to use and how to minimise the rng involved in the fight but as we get more practise I am sure we will also clear this wing and look forward to the next one.

I would like to thank Boneblack Brigade at this point for accepting me to their ranks and raiding with me although I can be quite grumpy sometimes and hope we’ll keep having many fun moments.

Thank you all – cheers, Ignil


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