Salvation Pass / Frustration Pass

The last month or so I did not write a new blogpost as I have been rather busy. One of the things occupying me was trying to clear the second raid wing Salvation Pass.
This new wing is fundamentally different in the way encounters work as opposed to what you have gotten used to in the Spirit Vale. Part one of the Forsaken Thicket is all about a few coordinated mechanics that are easy to predict combined with a heavy focus on dps-checks while part two is based on mechanics, splitting up your group and a certain rng factor in the encounters. Especially the last part can lead to a lot of frustration and ruin many runs until your group learns the mechanics by heart and responds accordingly.

It already took us some weeks to take down the first boss Slothasaur. We had many arguments on how to do it and teamcomps as well as a lot of really unnecessary mistakes such as the tank not moving (Sloth picks the tank on random and keeps swapping the person he aggros on several times during the encounter), people killing off the person that transforms into a slubbling or dropping the poison field in the group due to not focusing.
My personal low was experiencing the lack of support from my guild when I asked for it during this phase. It was another evening of fails at Slothasaur but we were getting close to nail it and get our first guild kill. We had about enough time left for 2-3 tries and I asked my guild to please focus because I can’t be here next time and I would like to see a kill too. Truth be told I also thought I deserved it as much as the others considering the time and effort put into it. What I got was no one focusing anymore, not wanting to play anymore, silly jokes about how it’ll go down next time anyways and a series of the most idiotic fails we ever had to the point it felt like people committing suicide just to get it over with quick. I can’t describe how bad I felt that evening. Even more so when the next time they raided, while I was not present, they got their first guild kill and acted all happy and cheery. Awesome!
I decided to pug and got my first Sloth kill there within three tries while my guild on that same evening failed to kill it another time. Maybe it is not exactly flattering for me as a person but I felt somewhat good for getting it done so fast with strangers while my guild that had disappointed me so greatly failed again. What really bothered me there was not the lack of raid success but the feeling of being left out and quite honestly being shit on when for the first time since I joined the guild I asked for help and that was the result. Funny enough the tactic I learned during the pug kill is now our standard tactic for taking down sloth and has proven to be a lot more reliable than what our guild was previously using. In a sense, me pugging has helped the guild a lot more than joining them that day.

Once we got to the last encounter, Matthias Gabrel, things started getting even worse. We basically managed to see through the main mechanics and get him to 40% (on which his last phase triggers) within the second time practising the fight. And that’s it. We did not progress at all from there for the last 2 months. Maybe 5 tries in 30 or so got Matthias a bit below 40% and 1 or 2 in the entire time got close to a kill. Frustration is not even close to describe accurately what I felt. The amount of stupid mistakes that happened (some by me too of course, I would never claim to not make bad plays from time to time) I can’t even count. Starting with some of us obviously freaking out for not being able to do their job properly and others not seeming to care at all (looking at those that show up with lvl 60 buff food and Sigil of Bloodlust…..) over to not using cc properly. In addition, there was another incident that led me to almost not want to raid with my guild for a while anymore.
The only ones that had gotten a Matthias kill so far, where those that went with a pug while the guild as a whole did so badly. One evening my norwegian friend asked me to go play Super Adventure Box with her and show her how to make it through the tribulation mode. I was really looking forward to that since, even though we are good friends, we hardly get to play together for various reasons (raids aside). A moment before we entered though, Lakvar whispered her asking to join him on a Matthias pug group which she really was keen on taking that offer since it is hard to find a group for it. I was rather sad about her rather wanting to raid with pugs than playing with me but she is my friend and I don’t own her. When she is around I want it because of her having fun and not out of bad consciousness which I believe she had anyways for leaving me behind. So I told her to go and wished her a kill and hopefully good loot. For some reason I was sure the pug would kill it and I was right. I would never envy her for any form of luck, success or happiness regardless of myself. That much should be a given for any friendship. What got me so much there was that Lakvar had asked almost half the people online in the guild to join the pug group, which now had gotten their first kill. Again I felt alone and left out and maybe it is silly since it is just a game but it hurt.
I got to mention though that Lakvar did try and talk things out with me after that and asked several times after to make sure I feel comfortable in the guild again. It is far from him being a leader that deliberately left me out and does not care in the least. Actually the contrary is the case and I really do not want to be in his shoes for the stress and fears he has to endure with lack of raid success and him trying to keep the guild together and in general shouldering the weight of responsibility all by himself most times.

Last week we finally killed Matthias Gabrel. Finally released from wing two and the need to clear it for legendary armour…. Or so I thought. Make a lucky guess on who was dumb enough to forget to take a vial of water from the fountain after killing Matthias which one can only pick up directly after killing him?
I hope this one kill was not a one-hit wonder, that I will be able to finish the wing for real sometime soon and that the next raid wing will be less frustrating and fun to do again.


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