Practise pays off

So my guild raids have not been going very well the last weeks. We had a shortage of members and those we recuited to fill our ranks with have mostly been either not very motivated at all or, even worse, counter productive as their attitude has proven a big problem.
However, we also happened to recruit a very capable member that I think overall is a better player than me.
All in all we had many evenings of wiping due to silly mistakes, poor dps and lack of awareness about encounter mechanics. It really took a lot of time till we collectively decided to change things up as this was going nowhere. Although we are by no means a hardcore raid guild we decided on the following points to make sure all are on the same page and we can have some consistency:
Write our own class guides in subforums of our guild. – By doing so we tried to get people to agree on the optimal build, gear and food used during our raids. While a nice idea it did not improve much though simply due to not all members, especially so the new ones, taking a few minutes of their time to look at those guides.

This evolved into another 2 points: share your API key. – Via that we can make sure that every person at least went through the effort of preparing in an optimal way for the raids. No one is expected to have several ascended sets of armor and weapons but at least the character you raid with should to some extend be geared for it.

Share your personal dps by using a standardised set of buffs on a 4 mio. hp dummy golem in the dps testing area of the Lions Arch Aerodrome. – This point has certainly had a huge impact and shown issues our members, including me, had. We did not expect to reach the perfect scores of the qT benchmarks but one should be able to get within reasonable margins of said benchmarks.
While I had no problem to reach the 20.5k on necro as qT did, my ele dps was a whole other story. I cannot ask for consistency and then fall short with my own dps so I went at it and practised. Doing so has increased my overall dps by roughly 4k and is now within an acceptable range of the qT benchmark.

I was very happy to see that not only me, but every of our core members that did have the time for it went and practised at the dps golem. Our raid yesterday has shown the first result of this and it has made a huge impact indeed. For the first time in our guilds history did we not only clear both wings in 1 go, which by itself is a never before seen record for us, but we also had each boss down at first attempt and finished our night in under 2 hours. Those 2 hours include breaks and time for chit chat inbetween. So yes, practise really does pay off and I am glad to see how it went for us.
If your guild seems to struggle with raids I highly recommend those steps for you. This is by no means to go elitist and kick people that fall short but to improve yourself and help improve your friends. Lakvar, our leader, has helped me with my ele rotations while I have helped 2 of our members increase their necro dps as my benchmark is the highest of our guild.

Thats all for now, I just wanted to share the happy events of yesterdays raid with you all. Happy raiding!! (:


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