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Practise pays off

So my guild raids have not been going very well the last weeks. We had a shortage of members and those we recuited to fill our ranks with have mostly been either not very motivated at all or, even worse, counter productive as their attitude has proven a big problem. Continue reading


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Road to ascension

The third Guild Wars 2 pvp season kicked off yesterday and with it a very nice change to matchmaking. If you had previously made it to Saphire or Ruby rank, you will now start dircetly in Emerald – awarding you the “missed” rank up rewards after a single win. Same goes for those that made it to Diamond or Legendary rank only that they will start in Saphire right away. I hope this will lead to more balanced matchups right away. Most of my matches yesterday where simply put faceroll again but the last one of the evening turned out really nice. We failed hard at the beginning and managed a comeback to end the match with 500-390 in our favour. Matches like this I usually started to experience towards the end of Saphire and upwards so having a round like this in early Emerald does make me enthusiastic about this new season and the changes ANet made.
Wish you all the best of luck on your own path towards The Ascension

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About too much drama, life and gaming

2015 has most likely been the roughest year in my life and trialled me more than anything before. What exactly has this to do with gaming? It does more than I would like to admit actually but we’ll get there. Guess it started off in late 2014 when I was part of a guiled called Guardians of the Exile. The guild was led by a lady called Iz and was overall a really nice place to stay thanks to her work. We had pvp nights, hide and seek events and even some ~ 20 people showing up for guild missions on average. It was in that guild that I met her.. Continue reading

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