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Practise pays off

So my guild raids have not been going very well the last weeks. We had a shortage of members and those we recuited to fill our ranks with have mostly been either not very motivated at all or, even worse, counter productive as their attitude has proven a big problem. Continue reading


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The Lazy Dead and the Spring

Scarlet is dead and the spring tournament is upon us. That and some major news concerning the rune/sigil changes as well as the new traitsystem and five new traits per class. Since my last GW2 post was at the time Lions Arch was burnt to the ground, I had a lot of time now to think about the events and the people playing them. Just to make sure I´ll warn you ahead. Some of you pve guys might not like what I have to say. Please do note that while writing, I am generalizing things and that of course there are incredibly good pve players out there as well. During the Legendary Watchwork Knight events though, at least on my server, one can´t exactly say they´ve earned them a lot of glory. All in all we have some really exciting times ahead of us and to be honest I´d rather want the new traits now than only on April 15th. Continue reading

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